About Us


  Shanghai Hanjing Information Technology Co., Ltd. was officially founded in 2009, which is the early technology pioneer for 3D GIS platform research and development in the country with experienced talents in the field of 3D and GIS technology. It is the provider for GIS-map-based 360-degree panorama & interactive experience solution for virtual reality roaming; it is provider for Unity3d, panorama 360 virtual 3D engine as well as CryENGINE project production; it is also the APP developer for mobile & tablet terminal virtual Presentation of interactive application. As the 2D GIS technology has become quite mature currently, 3D GIS has quietly entered people’s daily life. Hanjing seizes this opportunity and is determined to extend it to various fields so that people could feel the technology boom brought by 3D technology.


  Shanghai Hanjing Information Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the research and development of 3D visualization technology and 3D GIS technology. It is an advanced provider home and abroad in the areas of 3D virtual reality platform and 3D geographic information platform solution. Based on ‘for customer’s success and future innovation’, Hanjing constantly challenges itself to achieve the grand shift from 2D to 3D.


  CG-Engine 3D render engine and CG-CUBEGIS 3D GIS software platform, which are independently developed by Shanghai Hanjing Information Technology Co., Ltd., have become a leading platform. The company is committed to the the most professional 3D GIS platform. While focusing on the functions, the company also makes great efforts to 3D-effect display which takes the leading edge in the country. It has been widely applied in areas such as resource surveys, environmental assessments, disaster prediction, land management, urban planning, telecommunications, transportation, water and power, public facilities management, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, emergency, petroleum and petrochemical.

Focused on panoramic integration technology,3D engine virtual roam technology, LBS 3D map application,Provider of virtual simulation integration application.